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GLAM Web Resources Project

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Project’s Goal

GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) Web Resources Project develops and provides free access to digital resources directed to information and culture units including, but not limited to, checklists, tutorials, flow charts, mental maps, processes, products and services curatorship, software and plug-in configuration parameters, codes and customized software.

These are templates and protocols originally developed for the Webmuseum portal (a hub of cultural websites) and for LavMUSEU, now made available to the public.


This Project results from the need to structure and optimize the resources and management/development processes of the Webmuseum portal (a hub of cultural websites) and of LavMUSEU’s Virtual Laboratory - UFMG.

GLAM Web Resources Project is an effort to meet our greatest web needs, such as: cybersecurity, web design, online collections, documentation and digitalization, management and content creation for digital media, web writing and UX writing, search engine optimization, controlled vocabularies, accessibility, e-commerce, social media, preservation, among others. Considering that such demands are gaps also seen in most GLAM institutions not only in Brazil but also in many other countries around the world, according to data from the State of the Art, the option was to publicly share those resources for free.

The project’s result will be, therefore, gradually published, so as to promote discussion in scientific and open source communities, encouraging the collective construction of knowledge.

First Step: Cybersecurity and Privacy

In this first step, we want to structure the processes and resources needed to ensure the cybersecurity of visitors of GLAM websites.

The project’s contribution consists in selecting reliable sources and best practices, as well as the formulation of resources and the synthesis of all that knowledge. Decision-making occurred based on recommendation from experts and bibliographic references, interviews with IT professionals and researchers, our experience of years with WordPress and web development, as well as the contributions of open source communities.

This step must produce, therefore, cybersecurity protocols and templates, an essential starting point to any web project.